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Building Trust Through Quality Workmanship

Building Trust Through Quality Workmanship

Building Trust Through Quality WorkmanshipBuilding Trust Through Quality WorkmanshipBuilding Trust Through Quality Workmanship



 Replacing any amount of concrete is a major undertaking that will rip up the landscaping around the concrete and cost a great deal. Plus you have to wait for the concrete to completely cure before your space is usable again. Our Frederick concrete leveling and lifting services give you the options you need to more quickly and efficiently repair the slab and get on with your life without the major eyesore and trip hazard that sunken concrete creates.  

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair comes in many shapes and sizes, depending upon the needs of your concrete surfaces. If you have cracked concrete that doesn’t show other major damage, you may be interested in concrete crack repair services such as an epoxy injection. Epoxy injection concrete repair, otherwise known as PolyLevel® concrete leveling, is meant to seal off the crack and prevent water from infiltrating it and leading to more extensive damage more quickly. Other types of concrete repair include routing and sealing, grouting, stitching, drilling and plugging, or gravity filling the cracks. We are more than happy to discuss the potential concrete repair solutions that will work for you. If your concrete slab has started to crumble and sink, though, we almost always recommend our PolyLevel® concrete lifting.

Before and after image of concrete leveling.

Before and after image of concrete leveling.

PolyLevel® concrete lifting

PolyLevel® is a high-density polyurethane material that we use to lift and level concrete slabs so you have an even and beautiful surface where once there was an ugly safety hazard. PolyLevel® foam is made from a Part A and Part B. Part A consists of a petroleum-based isocyanate (a chemical commonly used in the manufacture of flexible and rigid foams). Part B consists of polyol resin, a surfactant, a blowing agent and a special ingredient that causes the two liquids to turn into an expanding foam when they are mixed in the application process. It is environmentally safe, affordable, waterproof, and a quick application that will PERMANENTLY lift and level the concrete around your Frederick home! 

What causes concrete to sink and break?

Cracks in concrete are a normal feature because of the drying process. However, when cracks in concrete are large enough that they create a safety hazard, there could be bigger underlying issues. When one edge of the concrete is jutted upwards and the other has sunk into the earth, it is because the soil underneath the concrete slab has eroded away and left behind voids that cannot support the weight of the concrete. Another cause could be that the soil has compacted beneath the slab due to the heavy concrete, which weighs about 150 pounds per cubic foot. Most soils in the United States are some kind of expansive soil, meaning the volume of the soil increases dramatically when it is saturated with water and then it shrinks down again once dry. All of this change and motion creates an unstable environment that eventually leads to cracks in your concrete and the need for our Frederick concrete leveling, lifting or resurfacing services. 

PolyLevel and Nexus Pro

When you see cracked or sunken concrete in a driveway, sidewalk or patio, it is often assumed that it needs to be replaced. Thankfully it doesn't! Utilizing our new Polylevel® repair system, it can be lifted and leveled to look like new in just a few hours. We can protect it using our NEXUS PRO & SEALANT PRO products and best of all can be ready to use again in just minutes. Our Frederick concrete leveling and repair services not only save you money, they restore value to your home and gives you peace of mind knowing it’s safe and stable again.

Pool Deck REpair

Check out the timelapse of the PolyLevel process around a pool deck. PolyLevel® is the best option for your concrete lifting needs. The results of PolyLevel® look better than alternative methods and will last forever because of the properties of the compound. First, we must simply drill small holes that we install injector ports into before using them to inject the PolyLevel high-density foam. When the port has been removed, we patch it up with concrete.