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This is a question we get asked often, and it is important to address. There are lots of different expandable foam products that serve a variety of purposes. Poly Foam is specifically formulated for geotechnical applications. Our team is the only crew in South Central PA that is certified to install this product, so be sure to do your homework before calling a concrete repair company that offers a similar product or buying something from a home improvement store. You’ll see why Poly Foam is the best and safest leveling solution on the market.

Yes, Our Poly Foam lifting services are warranted for a period of five years against settling of more than 1/4″. Overlay products are warranted by K&M Outdoor as follows: Standard Texture Spray or Broom Finish Overlay- One(1) Year from the date of install. H&C ColorTop Sealer – One(1) Year from the date of install. River Gravel Epoxy Overlay – Two(2) Years from the date of install. PolyAspartic Garage Floor Coatings – Five(5) Years from the date of install. All products are warranted against defects due to workmanship and any product specific defects such as peeling. Substrate or structural deficiencies such as cracking or breaking of the slab causing cracks in the surface are not warranted. Scratches, fading, staining, or issues due to excessive use or chemical exposure as determined by K&M are not warranted. Overlays are meant to give your concrete a fresh and new look, they are not structural and we do not claim that any overlay product can strengthen your concrete. If the concrete cracks or existing cracks move it is entirely possible and likely that the overlay will crack as well. CRACKS ARE NOT COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY!

To lift concrete, Poly Foam is injected below the surface of your concrete. There, it begins to expand, filling voids where there’s little or no soil supporting your slab. It folds over itself as it hardens, slowly and gently pushing your concrete upwards toward a level position. It hardens as it dries, eventually becoming an entirely waterproof support system for settled concrete.

Because Poly Foam dries as a single, solid structure, it’s not susceptible to erosion or deterioration in the same way the sandy slurry used in mudjacking is. Also, it’s completely waterproof and impervious to pest or chemical breakdown, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down over time. As long as the subsoil below it remains intact, it will continue to support your concrete for the life of your structure!

This is dependent on the type and size of your project. Most residential Poly Foam applications can be finished in as little as a single afternoon, while large commercial projects with lots of different areas in need of treatment can take longer. However, the product itself will cure in as little as 15 minutes after application. Garage floor coatings or overlay products can take from one to three days depending on the product and the area or size of the job. 

While Poly Foam is typically more affordable than concrete replacement or mudjacking services, cost is dependent on the size and scope of the project. We offer free inspections to get you the most accurate quote possible for your project and to make repairs as affordable as possible. Overlays and Garage floor coatings come in many styles and colors so each job is different and the cost will fluctuate accordingly.

This is absolutely a possibility, especially for exterior concrete slabs. Because our soil has high levels of bentonite (clay), it is highly absorbent and will shrink and swell depending on the amount of moisture in the environment. So, during the wet season, soil will swell and push concrete upwards, and when it dries, it will shrink back down. It’s important to remember this movement is due to soil, not Poly Foam failure, so there’s no cause for concern. There’s a good chance that the concrete will only move slightly, if at all, due to weather conditions, so if it looks as though you’ve experienced some settlement a few months after the repair (especially in the summertime) don’t fret. Be patient and wait to see if it returns to normal. If you’re worried, you can always call our concrete lifting and repair team in Frederick to come take another look.

The components used in Poly Foam are manufactured with recycled materials and are natural polyols, so they’re completely non-toxic and environmentally safe. Once the components are mixed, Poly Foam develops an outer skin, like a balloon, to contain the reaction process, making it safe for all applications, even including injection near sources of drinking water.

Unlike typical garage floor paints, Epoxy Coating or Polyaspartic Coatings are not latex acrylic products. Epoxy is a thermosetting resin that, when applied as coating, hardens and cures your garage floor, offering a new layer of durable protection. A Polyaspartic floor coating is similar to Epoxy however it is more flexible and is UV stable allowing it to be used for multiple applications. Polyaspartics are often used as the sealer on garage floors as it dries much quicker than an epoxy product.

Poly Foam is a high-density, expandable polyurethane foam which is used to level concrete slabs including sidewalks, driveways, highways, parking lots, and more.

The cause of sinking concrete comes down to the soil below it. If there’s not enough soil support for a heavy slab, or if your soil has a high clay content, your concrete is more prone to sinking and cracking.

Occasionally, our Frederick area concrete lifting and repair team will have to use pry bars to push concrete slabs in the right direction, and this can cause minor disturbances to your lawn or landscaping near the edges of your slab. However, the process is minimally invasive, usually leaving little to no trace of our presence once we pack up and leave!

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